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Drink a better cup.

Our Company
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Haymarket Coffee Company has been on a quest for the perfect coffee bean to roast and we believe we have found it.

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As former Law Enforcement, chain of custody is important to us. When you choose Haymarket Coffee, you can be confident that you are getting pure, unadulterated, unmixed, untampered, 100% Salvadorian beans. Sourced from a single point of origin high up in the volcanic mountains of the lush, tropical jungles of El Salvador just outside of Ataco, Ahuachapan, our beans are proudly farmed by generational coffee producers descending from the Mayan, Pipil and Lenca people.


With an exclusive agreement with Cafe Gourmet Peñate Coffee Farm, Haymarket Coffee Company supports the development of medical and educational centers for the Salvadorians who work alongside us to bring you our great coffee. 

Our Terrain

The Peñate Coffee Farm has 48.5 acres producing registered gourmet beans from a variety of plants; Borbon, Pacamara, Pacas, Cuscatleco and Sampacho. In addition to the variety of coffee plants, the farm is surrounded by fruit trees; oranges, lemons, bananas, cocoa and mangoes that compost into the soil creating a very exciting experience on one’s pallet through our city or light roast.


A large portion of the development success of the bean is due to the proximity to the Pacific Ocean. The combination of the location and altitude generates one incredible Micro Climate that in two word is a fascinating paradise. The sea breeze in the morning off the Port of Acajutla, Sonsonate, creates a very cool humidity allowing the bean to develop density to hold all the flavors from the fruit trees.

The temperature fluctuates up to 10 degrees F when the sun surrenders to clouds generated by the lower level humidity. There is fog in the evening that turns into rain joined by a breeze that goes on to the morning through noon when the sunlight transforms photosynthesis to the coffee plants...a true paradise for coffee bean development.

Finally, and pleasing to the eye, the coffee farm is a natural sanctuary for exotic and tropical birds due to its abundant virgin areas, which are surrounded by majestic volcanoes and a temporary waterfall during the winter season.

our coffee

Your purchase matters

When you make a purchase from Haymarket Coffee Company, you are making a choice to show that it is possible to support  a hard-working American company while at the same time the enriching the lives of a kind and generous people south of the border.

our commitment
Our Commitment

Haymarket Coffee Company supports coffee farmers directly! In doing so, we support the development of their way of life and grow their local economy.

We are in the business of growing a stable economic export for El Salvador and becoming a landmark business in the Township of Haymarket, VA.

The coffee farm employees consist of Salvadorian natives that have come from generations of coffee producers and are descendants of the Mayan, Pipil and Lenca people.

Find out more: 

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Peñate Coffee Farm owner Harry Peñate, Mayor of Ataco, and Haymarket Coffee's Chris Morin.



Our coffee is 100% Salavdorian. Sourced from a single-point of origin high up in the lush tropical jungles of El Salvador just outside of Ataco, Ahuachapan.

our crew
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Harry Peñate

I am a retired U.S. Law Enforcement Officer who runs a robust coffee farm in Ataco, Ahuachapan, El Salvador.  I am a licensed producer and exporter who is committed to growing Central Americas' finest coffee. Chris, Randy, and I have partnered up to bring sustainable solutions to the good men and women of Central America, by providing fare wages and good working conditions to coffee farm workers and their families.




At Haymarket Coffee Company we are an enthusiastic group who favor people over profits and are devoted to the sustainable development of medical and educational centers to enrich the lives of the local Salvadorians who work alongside us to bring you our great coffee.  Let's meet the crew!


Randy Peyton

As an avid runner and marathoner coffee is always a part of the race and social atmosphere. When I was introduced to the coffee from El Salvador and particularly the coffee grown on the Cafe Peñate farm I knew I wanted to be a part of it, wherever it takes us.


Chris Morin

I am always searching for the best cup of coffee and beans to roast. After spending extensive time in Central America, I fell in love with El Salvador, the culture, the people and their coffee. As a coffee enthusiast and roaster, I wanted to share what I found in the elevated jungles of El Sal with the rest of the world.

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