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Welcome to Haymarket Coffee's online store. 

Shop apparel, gear, and most importantly, our award-winning coffee.

Free Delivery

Haymarket Coffee offers FREE delivery to all Gainesville and Haymarket, Virginia locations.

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Want coffee delivered automatically to your door?

We will soon be offering our Haymarket Coffee Club subscription service. When you join Haymarket Coffee Club, you’ll receive exclusive deals and discounts as well as coffee shipped FREE to your door every month. No need to continually log in and place a new order—we'll keep your favorite order and ship it out every month—until you tell us to stop.

Benefits will include:

  • Your Coffee Club membership guarantees discounts off retail pricing

  • FREE Shipping on all Coffee Club Orders!

  • No more trips to the store for inferior coffee

  • Fresh coffee delivered right to your door as often as you need it

  • No cancellation or early termination fees

  • Shipping frequency is easily adjusted

Join our mailing list and we will notify you as soon as Haymarket Coffee Club is ready to take subscriptions. In the meantime you can shop our apparel, coffee, and gear below.

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