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Haymarket Coffee Gives Back to Able Forces

December 21, 2020

by Skip Rogers


HUGE shoutout to my good friend Chris Morin and his Haymarket Coffee Company for the very generous contribution to our Adopt A Warrior Family For Christmas program.


They have supported us for many years and this gift will take care of several military families who would otherwise have very little if anything for Christmas.

Thank you Chris and those of you who enjoy gourmet coffee, Haymarket Coffee Company and their singe-source coffee is incredible. Give it a try!


Haymarket Coffee is on the Shelves!

March 3, 2020

Haymarket Coffee is proud to announce that our coffee is now being sold on shelves at the Lebanese Taverna Market in Arlington, VA. at 4400 Old Dominion Drive.

A big thank you to Lebanese Taverna Market and to all that have and continue to support Haymarket Coffee.


Haymarket Coffee Gives Back to Able Forces

December 19, 2019

by Skip Rogers


My good friend Chris Morin from Haymarket Coffee stopped by the office today to drop off a very generous donation of $500 to assist with Able Forces Foundation's Adopt A Warrior Family For Christmas program.


Both Chris and the Harry Penate of Cafegourmet Penate Coffee Farm have strong military roots and have chosen Able Forces Foundation as their charity of choice for the work we do with Wounded, Ill, and Injured families.


Thank you Chris and Haymarket Coffee for your tremendous support!

Haymarket Coffee's Donation to Support Ataco Schools

November 2019

In November of 2019, Harry Penate from Cafegourmet Penate Coffee Farm presented the town of Ataco, El Salvador with a contribution to support two of their 11 schools.

NOTE: Video available in Spanish only.

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